Leptonica 1.68
C Image Processing Library

libversions.c File Reference

Returns string with image library versions. More...

#include "allheaders.h"
#include "gif_lib.h"
#include "jpeglib.h"
#include "jerror.h"
#include "png.h"
#include "tiffio.h"
#include "zlib.h"

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#define stringJoinInPlace(s1, s2)   tempStrP = stringJoin(s1,s2); FREE(s1); s1 = tempStrP;


char * getImagelibVersions ()

Detailed Description

Returns string with image library versions.

     Image library version number
         char      *getImagelibVersions()

Definition in file libversions.c.

Define Documentation

#define stringJoinInPlace (   s1,
)    tempStrP = stringJoin(s1,s2); FREE(s1); s1 = tempStrP;

Definition at line 56 of file libversions.c.

Referenced by getImagelibVersions().

Function Documentation

char* getImagelibVersions ( )


Return: string of version numbers (e.g., libgif 4.1.6 libjpeg 8b libpng 1.4.3 libtiff 3.9.4 zlib 1.2.5

Notes: (1) The caller has responsibility to free the memory.

Definition at line 77 of file libversions.c.

References FREE, NULL, stringJoinInPlace, stringNew(), and strtokSafe().

Referenced by main(), and regTestSetup().

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