Leptonica 1.68
C Image Processing Library

File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
prog/adaptmaptest.c [code]Generates adaptive mappings in both gray and color, testing individual parts. Uses pixGetBackgroundGrayMap(), pixGetInvBackgroundMap(), pixApplyInvBackgroundGrayMap(), pixGetBackgroundRGBMap(), pixBackgroundNorm()
prog/adaptnorm_reg.c [code]Normalizes background by expanding dynamic range using pixContrastNorm() for very light text, or for rapidly varying background using pixBackgroundNormFlex()
prog/affine_reg.c [code]Tests various affine transformations: pixAffineSequential(), pixAffineSampledPta(), pixAffinePta(), and pixAffine()
prog/alltests_reg.c [code]Tests all the reg tests
prog/alphaclean_reg.c [code]Tests transparency and cleaning under alpha
prog/alphaxform_reg.c [code]Tests the alpha blending functions when used with various transforms (scaling, rotation, affine, projective, bilinear)
prog/arithtest.c [code]Demonstrates grayscale image arithmetic using pixAccumulate(), pixMultConstAccumulate(), and pixFinalAccumulate()
prog/barcodetest.c [code]For each barcode in the image, if the barcode format is supported, this deskews and crops it, and then decodes it twice: (1) as is (deskewed) (2) after 180 degree rotation
prog/baselinetest.c [code]Demonstrates keystone warping correction using a projective transform and finding text baselines
prog/bilinear_reg.c [code]Tests various bilinear transformations: pixBilinearSampledPta() and pixBilinearPta()
prog/binarize_reg.c [code]Tests Sauvola local binarization using pixSauvolaBinarize() and pixSauvolaBinarizeTiled()
prog/bincompare.c [code]Exploration of various ways to bitwise compare two binary images
prog/binmorph1_reg.c [code]This is a thorough regression test of different methods for doing binary morphology
prog/binmorph2_reg.c [code]Thorough regression test for binary separable rasterops, using the sequence interpreters. This compares the results for 2-way composite Sels with unitary Sels, all invoked on the separable block morph ops
prog/binmorph3_reg.c [code]This is a regression test of dwa functions
prog/binmorph4_reg.c [code]Regression test for dwa brick morph operations
prog/binmorph5_reg.c [code]Regression test for expanded dwa morph operations
prog/blend2_reg.c [code]Regression test for pixBlendWithGrayMask()
prog/blend_reg.c [code]Regression test for pixBlendGray(), pixBlendGrayAdapt(), and pixBlendColor()
prog/blendcmaptest.c [code]Regression test for blending colormaps using pixBlendCmap()
prog/blendtest1.c [code]Exploration of various pixel blending techniques
prog/buffertest.c [code]Demonstrates using the bbuffer (byte buffer) operations
prog/byteatest.c [code]Tests bytearray.c routines
prog/ccbordtest.c [code]Comprehensive test for border-following representations of binary images
prog/cctest1.c [code]Demonstrates using pixConnComp() and testing its speed
prog/ccthin1_reg.c [code]Tests the "best" cc-preserving thinning functions. Displays all the strong cc-preserving 3x3 Sels
prog/ccthin2_reg.c [code]Tests the examples in pixThinExamples()
prog/cmapquant_reg.c [code]Tests quantization of rgb image to a specific colormap. Does this by starting with a grayscale image, doing a grayscale quantization with a colormap in the dest, then adding new colors, scaling (which removes the colormap), and finally re-quantizing back to the original colormap
prog/colormask_reg.c [code]Tests the ability to identify regions in HSV color space by analyzing the HS histogram and building masks that cover peaks in HS
prog/colormorphtest.c [code]Tests color image morphology
prog/colorquant_reg.c [code]Regression test for various color quantizers
prog/colorseg_reg.c [code]This explores the space of the four parameters input for color segmentation: maxdist (the maximum distance between pixels that get clustered), selsize (responsible for smoothing the result), maxcolors and finalcolors
prog/colorsegtest.c [code]Demonstrates unsupervised color segmentation using pixColorSegment()
prog/colorspacetest.c [code]Demonstrates various color techniques using pixConvertRGBToHSV(), pixOctreeQuantNumColors(), pixColorContent(), pixGlobalNormRGB(), pixColorMagnitude()
prog/comparepages.c [code]Demonstrates comparing text pages using the location of word bounding boxes with pixGetWordBoxesInTextlines() and numaaCompareImagesByBoxes(), The goal is to get a fast and robust determination for whether two pages are the same
prog/comparetest.c [code]Compares two images, using either the absolute value of the pixel differences or the difference clipped to 0
prog/compfilter_reg.c [code]Tests filters that select components based on size, areaPerimRatio, areaFraction, etc
prog/conncomp_reg.c [code]Regression test for connected components (both 4 and 8 connected), including regeneration of the original image from the components. This is also an implicit test of rasterop
prog/contrasttest.c [code]Enhances contrast of image using pixContrastTRC()
prog/conversion_reg.c [code]Regression test (_reg) for depth conversion functions including some of the octcube quantization
prog/convertfilestopdf.c [code]Converts all image files in the given directory with matching substring to a pdf
prog/convertfilestops.c [code]Converts all files in the given directory with matching substring to a level 3 compressed PostScript file, at the specified resolution
prog/convertformat.c [code]Converts an image file from one format to another
prog/convertsegfilestopdf.c [code]Converts all segmented image files in the given directory with matching substring to a mixed-raster pdf
prog/convertsegfilestops.c [code]Converts all image files in a 'page' directory, using optional corresponding segmentation mask files in a 'mask' directory, to a level 2 compressed PostScript file
prog/converttogray.c [code]Demonstrates converting a file to grayscale
prog/converttops.c [code]Convert any image file to PS for embedding
prog/convolve_reg.c [code]Tests a number of convolution functions
prog/convolvetest.c [code]Exploration of various convolution operations using: pixBlockconvGray(), pixBlockconv(), pixBlockrank(), pixBlocksum(), pixCensusTransform(), and pixConvolve()
prog/cornertest.c [code]Demonstrates using pixFindCornerPixels()
prog/croptext.c [code]Simple program that crops text pages to a given border
prog/dewarp_reg.c [code]Regression test for image dewarp based on text lines
prog/dewarptest.c [code]Demonstrates image dewarping based on text lines
prog/digitprep1.c [code]Extract barcode digits and put in a pixaa (a resource file for readnum.c)
prog/distance_reg.c [code]This tests pixDistanceFunction() for a variety of usage with all 8 combinations of these parameters: connectivity (4 or 8), dest depth (8 or 16), and boundary cond (L_BOUNDARY_BG or L_BOUNDARY_FG)
prog/dithertest.c [code]Demonstrates dithering using: pixDitherToBinary(), pixDitherTo2bpp(), pixScaleGray2xLIDither(), and pixScaleGray4xLIDither()
prog/dwalinear.3.c [code]Top-level fast binary morphology with auto-generated sels
prog/dwalineargen.c [code]Generates the C code for the full set of linear Sels, for dilation, erosion, opening and closing, and for both horizontal and vertical operations, from length 2 to 63. These are put in files: dwalinear.3.c and dwalinearlow.3.c
prog/dwalinearlow.3.c [code]Low-level fast binary morphology with auto-generated sels
prog/dwamorph1_reg.c [code]Implements full regression test, including autogen of code, compilation, and running the result. (Works by running make so won't work under Windows)
prog/dwamorph2_reg.c [code]Fairly thorough regression test for autogen'd dwa
prog/edgetest.c [code]Demontrates edge detection using pixSobelEdgeFilter()
prog/endiantest.c [code]
prog/enhance_reg.c [code]Enhance with various gamma TRC mappings, hue, saturation, contrast, and sharpening
prog/equal_reg.c [code]Tests the pixEqual() function in many situations. This also tests the quantization of grayscale and color images (to generate a colormapped image), and removal of the colormap to either RGB or grayscale
prog/expand_reg.c [code]Tests of various image expansion techniques
prog/extrema_reg.c [code]Tests procedure for locating extrema (minima and maxima) of a sampled function
prog/falsecolortest.c [code]Demonstrates conversion from grayscale to false color using pixConvertGrayToFalseColor(), where the colormap is modeled after the Matlab "jet" configuration
prog/fcombautogen.c [code]This program is used to generate the two files of dwa code for combs, that are used in linear composite dwa operations for brick Sels. These two files, when compiled, are used to implement all the composite dwa operations for brick Sels, that are generated by selaAddDwaCombs()
prog/fhmtauto_reg.c [code]Basic regression test for hit-miss transform: rasterops & dwa. Tests hmt from a set of hmt structuring elements by comparing the full image rasterop results with the automatically generated dwa results
prog/fhmtautogen.c [code]This program is used to generate the two files of dwa code for the hit-miss transform. These two files, when compiled, implement hit-miss dwa operations for all sels generated by selaAddHitMiss()
prog/fileinfo.c [code]Returns information about the image data file
prog/findpattern1.c [code]Demonstrates using a hit-miss sel to find the letter "c" in feyn.tif
prog/findpattern2.c [code]Demonstrates generating a hit-miss sel by extracting the letter "c" and the word "Caltech" from feyn.tif and using pixGenerateSelRandom()
prog/findpattern3.c [code]Demonstrates generating a hit-miss sel by extracting the letter "c" and the word "Caltech" from feyn.tif and using pixGenerateSelBoundary()
prog/findpattern_reg.c [code]Uses pixGenerateSelBoundary() to generate hit-miss Sels that are a good fit for two 1 bpp patterns: a "T" in the banner name and the banner name ("Tribune")
prog/flipdetect_reg.c [code]Tests 90 degree orientation of text and whether the text is mirror reversed. Compares the rasterop with dwa implementations for speed. Shows the typical 'confidence' outputs from the functions in flipdetect.c
prog/flipselgen.c [code]Generates dwa code for hit-miss transform (hmt) that is used in pixPageFlipDetectDWA()
prog/fmorphauto_reg.c [code]Basic regression test for erosion & dilation: rasterops & dwa. Tests erosion and dilation from 58 structuring elements by comparing the full image rasterop results with the automatically generated dwa results
prog/fmorphautogen.c [code]This program is used to generate the two files of dwa code for the basic morphological operations. These two files, when compiled, implement dwa operations for all sels generated by selaAddBasic()
prog/fpix_reg.c [code]Regression test for a number of functions in the FPix utility. FPix allows you to do floating point operations such as convolution, with conversions to and from Pix
prog/gammatest.c [code]Exploration of gamma adjustment using pixGammaTRC() and numaGammaTRC()
prog/genfonts.c [code]This program can be used to generate characters for a font and save them in .pixa format
prog/gifio_reg.c [code]This tests reading and writing gif for various image types
prog/graphicstest.c [code]Demonstrates line graphics using: pixRenderLineArb(), pixRenderLineBlend(), pixRenderBoxArb(), pixRenderBoxaBlend(), and pixRenderPolylineBlend()
prog/grayfill_reg.c [code]Regression test for various grayscale seed filling: pixSeedfillGray(), pixSeedfillGrayInv(), pixSeedfillGrayBasin(), and pixAddConstantGray()
prog/graymorph1_reg.c [code](1) Tests the interpreter for grayscale morphology, as given in morphseq.c. (2) Tests composite operations: tophat and hdome. (3) Tests duality for grayscale erode/dilate, open/close, and black/white tophat. (4) Demonstrates closing plus white tophat. Note that this combination of operations can be quite useful. (5) Demonstrates a method of doing contrast enhancement by taking 3 * pixs and subtracting from this the closing and opening of pixs. (6) Playing around: extract the feynman diagrams from the stamp, using the tophat
prog/graymorph2_reg.c [code]Compares graymorph results with special (3x1, 1x3, 3x3) cases against the general case
prog/graymorphtest.c [code]Exploration of basic grayscale morphology
prog/grayquant_reg.c [code]Tests gray thresholding to 1, 2 and 4 bpp, with and without colormaps
prog/hardlight_reg.c [code]Regression test for pixBlendHardLight()
prog/heap_reg.c [code]Tests the heap utility
prog/histotest.c [code]Makes histograms of grayscale and color pixels from a pix using pixOctcubeHistogram() or pixGetGrayHistogram(). For RGB color, this uses rgb --> octcube indexing
prog/inserttest.c [code]Demonstrates removing and inserting to various array structures using: numaInsertNumber(), boxaInsertBox(), pixaInsertPix()
prog/ioformats_reg.c [code]This is the primary Leptonica regression test for lossless read/write I/O to standard image files (png, tiff, bmp, etc.)
prog/iotest.c [code]Tests all I/O except multipage/custom tiff and PostScript, which are separately tested in mtifftest and psiotest, respectively
prog/jbcorrelation.c [code]Demonstrates unsupervised classification of collections of connected components in binary images using jbCorrelation()
prog/jbrankhaus.c [code]Demonstrates unsupervised classification of collections of connected components in binary images using jbRankHaus()
prog/jbwords.c [code]Demonstrates extracting and classifying words in textline order
prog/kernel_reg.c [code]Test kernel creation, convolution,
prog/lineremoval.c [code]Demonstrates removing dark lines from a light pencil drawing (see http://leptonica.com/line-removal.html for details)
prog/listtest.c [code]Exploration of the main functions in the generic list facility, given in list.c and list.h
prog/livre_adapt.c [code]Shows two ways to normalize a document image for uneven illumination. It is somewhat more complicated than using the morphological tophat
prog/livre_hmt.c [code]Makes Figures 7-8 in Chapter 18, "Document Image Applications" of the book "Mathematical morphology: from theory to applications"; demonstrates use of pixGenerateSelBoundary() to generate a hit-miss Sel
prog/livre_makefigs.c [code]Makes all the figures in Chapter 18, "Document Image Applications" of the book "Mathematical morphology: from theory to applications", edited by Laurent Najman and hugues Talbot. Published by Hermes Scientific Publishing, Ltd, 2010
prog/livre_orient.c [code]Generates an image of the set of 4 HMT Sels that are used for counting ascenders and descenders to detect text orientation
prog/livre_pageseg.c [code]Makes Figures 2-5 in Chapter 18, "Document Image Applications" of the book "Mathematical morphology: from theory to applications"; demonstrates page segmentation
prog/livre_seedgen.c [code]Makes Figure 1 in Chapter 18, "Document Image Applications" of the book "Mathematical morphology: from theory to applications"; demonstrates page segmentation
prog/livre_tophat.c [code]Makes Figure 9 in Chapter 18, "Document Image Applications" of the book "Mathematical morphology: from theory to applications"; demonstrates tophat background cleaning
prog/locminmax_reg.c [code]Tests pixLocalExtrema()
prog/logicops_reg.c [code]Tests pix3.c boolean operations
prog/lowaccess_reg.c [code]Test low-level accessors: GET_DATA_BIT(), l_getDataBit(), pixGetPixel(), etc
prog/maketile.c [code]Generates a single image tiling of all images of a specific depth in a directory
prog/maze_reg.c [code]Tests the functions in maze.c: binary and gray maze search, largest rectangle in bg or fg
prog/misctest1.c [code]Demonstrates: Combining two grayscale images using a mask with pixCombineMaskedGeneral() Combining two binary images using a mask with pixCombineMaskedGeneral() Doing a restricted seedfill with pixSeedfillBinaryRestricted() Colorizing a grayscale image with pixaDisplayRandomCmap() Converting color images to grayscale with pixConvertRGBToGray()
prog/modifyhuesat.c [code]Demonstrates modifying the hue and saturation of an image
prog/morphseq_reg.c [code]Simple regression test for binary morph sequence (interpreter), showing display mode and rejection of invalid sequence components
prog/morphtest1.c [code]Exploration of rasterop-based morphological operations
prog/mtifftest.c [code]Exploration of multi-page tiff I/O and writing special tiff tags
prog/numa_reg.c [code]Tests various numa functions: numaMakeHistogramClipped(), numaMakeSequence(), numaMakeHistogramAuto(), numaGetStatsUsingHistogram(), numaHistogramGetRankFromVal(), etc
prog/numaranktest.c [code]Generates histogram rank vs value & value vs rank plots
prog/otsutest1.c [code]Demonstrates theory behind Otsu splitting by generating plots of histogram and Otsu score function
prog/otsutest2.c [code]Demonstrates the usefulness of the modified version of Otsu for thresholding an image that doesn't have a well-defined background color
prog/overlap_reg.c [code]Tests the function that combines boxes that overlap into their bounding regions
prog/pagesegtest1.c [code]Demonstrates Top level page segmentation using pixGetRegionsBinary()
prog/pagesegtest2.c [code]Demonstrates the use of binary morphology for some simple and fast document segmentation operations using: pixScaleToGray2(), pixReduceRankBinaryCascade(), pixOpenBrick(), pixCloseSafeBrick(), pixSeedfillBinary(), pixMorphCompSequence(), pixGetOuterBordersPtaa(). Probably same basic thing that pixGetRegionsBinary() does?
prog/paint_reg.c [code]Test various painting techniques: pixColorGray(), pixPaintThroughMask(), pixSetSelectCmap(), pixRenderLineArb(), pixRenderBoxArb(), pixRenderLineBlend(), and pixRenderBoxBlend()
prog/paintmask_reg.c [code]Regression test for painting through a mask onto various depth images
prog/partitiontest.c [code]Demonstrates Bruel algorithm for extracting large whitespace boxes from a binary image using boxaGetWhiteblocks()
prog/pdfiotest.c [code]Tests PDF file I/O
prog/pdfseg_reg.c [code]Generates segmented images and encodes them efficiently in a mixed-raster pdf
prog/pixa1_reg.c [code]Tests removal of components using: pixConnComp() and pixSelectBySize()
prog/pixa2_reg.c [code]Tests various replacement functions on pixa
prog/pixaatest.c [code]Regression test of pix splitting and pix array handling using pixaSplitPix()
prog/pixadisp_reg.c [code]Exercises various pixaDisplay*() functions: pixaDisplay(), pixaDisplayRandomCmap(), pixaDisplayOnLattice(), pixaDisplayUnsplit(), pixaDisplayTiled(), pixaDisplayTiledInRows(), and pixaDisplayTiledAndScaled()
prog/pixalloc_reg.c [code]Tests custom pix allocator
prog/pixcomp_reg.c [code]Regression test for compressed pix and compressed pix arrays in memory
prog/pixmem_reg.c [code]Tests the low-level pix data accessors, and functions that call them using: pixCopy(), pixTransferAllData(), pixClone(), pixExtractData(), and pixSetData()
prog/pixserial_reg.c [code]Tests the fast (uncompressed) serialization of pix to a string in memory and the deserialization back to a pix
prog/pixtile_reg.c [code]Test pix tiling using: pixTilingCreate(), pixTilingGetTile(), pixTilingPaintTile(), and pixTilingDestroy()
prog/plottest.c [code]Regression test of the gplot library functions that generate the plot commands and data required for input to gnuplot
prog/pngio_reg.c [code]Tests reading and writing of images in PNG format for various depths, with and without colormaps
prog/printimage.c [code]Prints an image file
prog/printsplitimage.c [code]Prints an image file on multiple pages
prog/printtiff.c [code]Prints a multipage tiff file to a printer
prog/projection_reg.c [code]Tests projection stats for rows and columns
prog/projective_reg.c [code]Test projective image transformations using pixProjectiveSampledPta() and pixProjectivePta()
prog/psio_reg.c [code]Tests writing of images in PS, with arbitrary scaling and translation, in the following formats: uncompressed DCT compressed (jpeg for 8 bpp grayscale and RGB) CCITT-G4 compressed (g4 fax compression for 1 bpp) Flate compressed (gzip compression)
prog/psioseg_reg.c [code]This tests the PostScript output for images with mixed text and images, coming from source of different depths, with and without colormaps. Illustrates binary halftone segmentation, combining images with masks, PS generation
prog/pta_reg.c [code]This tests several ptaa functions, including: ptaaGetBoundaryPixels(), pixRenderRandomCmapPtaa(), and ptaaGetPta()
prog/ptra1_reg.c [code]Testing basic ptra operations using: ptraRemove(), ptraInsert(), ptraSwap(), and ptraAdd()
prog/ptra2_reg.c [code]Testing basic ptra and ptraa operations, bin sort using ptra, boxaEqual() and pixaEqual()
prog/quadtreetest.c [code]Tests quadtree statistical functions
prog/rank_reg.c [code]Tests grayscale rank functions: pixRankFilterGray(), pixScaleGrayMinMax(), and pixScaleGrayRankCascade()
prog/rankbin_reg.c [code]Tests rank bin functions: numaDiscretizeRankAndIntensity() and numaGetRankBinValues()
prog/rankhisto_reg.c [code]Tests grayscale rank functions: pixGetRankColorArray() and numaDiscretizeRankAndIntensity()
prog/ranktest.c [code]Tests rank filters on 8 and 32 bpp images
prog/rasterop_reg.c [code]This is a fairly rigorous test of rasterop. It demonstrates both that the results are correct with many different rop configurations, and, if done under valgrind, that no memory violations occur
prog/rasteropip_reg.c [code]Tests in-place operation using the general 2-image pixRasterop(). The in-place operation works because there is no overlap between the src and dest rectangles
prog/reducetest.c [code]Generate reduced image via a rank binary cascade of up to four 2x reductions using pixReduceRankBinaryCascade()
prog/removecmap.c [code]Removes colormap from image
prog/renderfonts.c [code]Exploration of various text drawing techniques
prog/rotate1_reg.c [code]Regression test for rotation by shear and area mapping. Displays results when images are rotated sequentially multiple times
prog/rotate2_reg.c [code]Regression test for rotation by shear, sampling and area mapping. Displays results from all the various types of rotations
prog/rotatefastalt.c [code]Alternative (slightly slower) method for rotating color images, with antialiasing. This is here just for comparison with the better methods in the library
prog/rotateorth_reg.c [code]Regression test for all rotateorth functions
prog/rotateorthtest1.c [code]Exploration of 90 and 180 degree rotations
prog/rotatetest1.c [code]Exploration of image rotation techniques
prog/rotatetest2.c [code]Demonstrates image rotation
prog/runlengthtest.c [code]Demonstrates labeling pixels by membership in runs using pixRunlengthTransform()
prog/scale_reg.c [code]This tests a number of scaling operations, through the pixScale() interface
prog/scaleandtile.c [code]Generates a single image tiling of all images in a directory whose filename contains a given substring
prog/scaletest1.c [code]Exploration of image scaling techniques
prog/scaletest2.c [code]Exploration of scale-to-gray and color scaling
prog/seedfilltest.c [code]Exploration of hole-filling and seedfilling
prog/seedspread_reg.c [code]Tests the seedspreading (voronoi finding & filling) function for both 4 and 8 connectivity
prog/selio_reg.c [code]Runs a number of tests on reading and writing of Sels
prog/sharptest.c [code]Generate unsharp mask of image
prog/shear2_reg.c [code]Regression test for quadratic shear, both sampled and interpolated
prog/shear_reg.c [code]Regression test for shear, both IP and to new pix
prog/sheartest.c [code]Exploration of image shearing techniques
prog/showedges.c [code]Generates edges by using pixHalfEdgeByBandpass(), along with thresholding
prog/skew_reg.c [code]Regression test for skew detection
prog/skewtest.c [code]Exploration of various skew finding methods, optionally deskewing the input (binary) image. The best version does a linear sweep followed by a binary (angle-splitting) search
prog/smallpix_reg.c [code]This is a regression test for scaling and rotation. The question to be answered is: in the quantization, where, if anywhere, do we add 0.5? The answer is that it should usually, but not always, be omitted. To see this, we operate on a very small pix and for visualization, scale up with replication to avoid aliasing and shifting
prog/smoothedge_reg.c [code]Analyzes edges of a 1 bpp (connected component) image for smoothness
prog/snapcolortest.c [code]Demonstrates adjusting one or more colors to a target color using pixSnapColor()
prog/sorttest.c [code]Demonstrates sorting pix arrays
prog/splitcomp_reg.c [code]Regression test for splittings of a single component and for an image composed of several components, using different components and parameters
prog/splitimage2pdf.c [code]Generates pdf of image tiles. Rotates the image before tiling if the tiles otherwise will have larger width than height
prog/string_reg.c [code]This tests several sarray functions
prog/subpixel_reg.c [code]Regression test for subpixel scaling
prog/sudokutest.c [code]Tests sudoku solver
prog/textlinemask.c [code]Exploration of ways to find textline masks for very simple geometries. To do this task for more general layout, use pagesegtest* programs
prog/threshnorm_reg.c [code]Regression test for adaptive threshold normalization using: pixThresholdSpreadNorm() and pixThresholdToBinary()
prog/translate_reg.c [code]Regression test for in-place translation
prog/trctest.c [code]Generate gamma adjusted image using pixGammaTRC()
prog/viewertest.c [code]Generate smaller images for viewing and write html
prog/warper_reg.c [code]Regression test for captchas using pixRandomHarmonicWarp() and pixSimpleCaptcha()
prog/warpertest.c [code]Tests stereoscopic warp and associated shear and stretching functions. Uses gthumb for visually identifying problems
prog/watershedtest.c [code]Demonstrates the watershed algorithmn using wshedCreate(), pixLocalExtrema(), pixSelectMinInConnComp(), and pixRemoveSeededComponents()
prog/wordsinorder.c [code]Demonstrates finding word boxes in line order by using pixGetWordBoxesInTextlines()
prog/writemtiff.c [code]Writes all matched files into a multipage tiff
prog/writetext_reg.c [code]Regression test for writing a block of text in one of 4 locations relative to a pix. This tests writing on 8 different types of images
prog/xformbox_reg.c [code]Tests ordered box transforms (rotation, scaling, translation). Also tests the various box hashing graphics operations
prog/xtractprotos.c [code]
prog/xvdisp.c [code]Display an image with xv
prog/yuvtest.c [code]Tests the YUV to RGB conversion
src/adaptmap.c [code]Local adaptive grayscale quantization; mostly gray-to-gray in preparation
src/affine.c [code]3-pt affine transforms on images and coordinates, with sampling and interpolation; gauss-jordan solver
src/affinecompose.c [code]Composable affine coordinate transforms
src/allheaders.h [code]Includes all required Leptonica header files
src/alltypes.h [code]Includes all required Leptonica type related header files
src/arithlow.c [code]Low-level implementation of grayscale image arithmetic
src/array.h [code]Structs for basic number and string arrays (Numa, Numaa, Numa2d, NumaHash and Sarray)
src/arrayaccess.c [code]Function access to pixels in 32-bit arrays
src/arrayaccess.h [code]Macro access to pixels in 32-bit arrays
src/bardecode.c [code]Decode barcodes after sequence of widths is found
src/baseline.c [code]Find text baselines; determine and remove local skew
src/bbuffer.c [code]Implements ByteBuffer, a byte queue; used for zlib comp/decomp in memory
src/bbuffer.h [code]Struct for expandable byte buffer (see bbuffer.c)
src/bilinear.c [code]4-pt bilinear transforms on images and coordinates, with sampling and interpolation
src/binarize.c [code]Special binarization methods, locally adaptive: Otsu and Sauvola
src/binexpand.c [code]Integer upscaling of 1 bpp images by replicated expansion
src/binexpandlow.c [code]Low-level implementation of integer upscaling
src/binreduce.c [code]Power of 2 integer reduction of 1 bpp images by sampling and rank value
src/binreducelow.c [code]Low-level implementation of power of 2 reduction
src/blend.c [code]Blend (optionally with a mask) and re-coloring images
src/bmf.c [code]Generation of bitmap fonts
src/bmf.h [code]Structs for bitmap fonts
src/bmp.h [code]Structs for bmp file format (uncompressed)
src/bmpio.c [code]Read/write bmp format, from/to file and memory
src/bmpiostub.c [code]Read/write bmp format, from/to file and memory
src/boxbasic.c [code]Implementation of Box, Boxa (Box array), and Boxaa classes
src/boxfunc1.c [code]Box intersection, union, containment; Boxa union, extent, permutation
src/boxfunc2.c [code]Boxa/Box transforms; Boxa/Boxaa sorting; Boxaa utilities
src/boxfunc3.c [code]Mask <-> Boxa; painting into and drawing Boxa
src/bytearray.c [code]Functions for handling byte arrays, in analogy with C++ 'strings'
src/ccbord.c [code]Border representation of connected components: display and svg serialization
src/ccbord.h [code]Structs for representation of 1 bpp component outlines
src/ccthin.c [code]Connected-component-preserving thinning
src/classapp.c [code]Unsupervised classification of connected components and words; image comparison using word bounding boxes
src/colorcontent.c [code]Measure and map the color content (divergence from gray) of an image
src/colormap.c [code]Implements PixColormap; colormap conversions, serialization, transforms
src/colormorph.c [code]Color morphological operations (apply grayscale separately to each component)
src/colorquant1.c [code]Octcube color quantization
src/colorquant2.c [code]Modified median cut color quantization (Heckbert)
src/colorseg.c [code]Unsupervised color segmentation; selection and display of color content in HSV
src/colorspace.c [code]Colorspace conversions between RGB, HSV, and YUV
src/compare.c [code]Pix equality, binary Pix correlation, image differences
src/conncomp.c [code]Connected component counting and extraction (Heckbert's seedfill algorithm)
src/convertfiles.c [code]Perform depth conversion on selected files
src/convolve.c [code]Grayscale, color, float, double convolution; windowed mean, block sum and rank filters; census transform
src/convolvelow.c [code]Optimized low-level implementation of grayscale convolution and binary rank filter
src/correlscore.c [code]Correlation between pairs of binary images
src/dewarp.c [code]Dewarp scanned book pages by generating a vertical disparity array based on textlines
src/dewarp.h [code]Data structure to hold arrays and results for generating a vertical disparity array based on textlines
src/dwacomb.2.c [code]DWA morphology with auto-generated comb Sels for composite operations on brick Sels
src/dwacomblow.2.c [code]Low-level Sel implementation for dwacomb.2.c
src/edge.c [code]Sobel and related edge filters
src/endianness.h [code]Machine endian test helper
src/endiantest.c [code]
src/enhance.c [code]Image enhancements: gamma TRC mapping; contrast enhancement, histogram eq; unsharp-masking; hue and saturation
src/environ.h [code]Specifies external libraries to be used, and whether the runtime supports output redirection from files to memory
src/fhmtauto.c [code]Code generator, writes dwa code for user-supplied hit-miss transform Sels
src/fhmtgen.1.c [code]DWA morphology with auto-generated hit-miss sels (high-level)
src/fhmtgenlow.1.c [code]Low-level Sel implementation for fhmtgen.1.c
src/finditalic.c [code]Identifies italic words
src/flipdetect.c [code]Page orientation detection (on roman text)
src/fliphmtgen.c [code]Hit-miss transforms for flipdetect.c
src/fmorphauto.c [code]Code generator, writes dwa code for erosion, dilation, opening and closing, for user-supplied Sels
src/fmorphgen.1.c [code]DWA morphology with auto-generated brick sels (high-level)
src/fmorphgenlow.1.c [code]Low-level Sel implementation for fmorphgen.1.c
src/fpix1.c [code]Implements FPix and DPix classes (float and double images)
src/fpix2.c [code]FPix operations: interconversion FPix <-> Pix; borders; rasterop; arithmetic
src/freetype.c [code]Display freetype fonts in a pix
src/freetype.h [code]Display freetype fonts in a pix
src/gifio.c [code]Read/write gif format from/to file and memory
src/gifiostub.c [code]Read/write gif format from/to file and memory
src/gplot.c [code]Basic gnuplot-based plotting; serialization of plots
src/gplot.h [code]Struct and parameters for generating gnuplot files
src/graphics.c [code]Rendering shapes from lines (using Pta representation)
src/graymorph.c [code]Top-level grayscale morphological operations
src/graymorphlow.c [code]Low-level implementation of grayscale morphology
src/grayquant.c [code]Standard, simple, general grayscale quantization
src/grayquantlow.c [code]Low-level implementation for some grayscale quantiziation functions
src/heap.c [code]Implements heap of generic pointers to structs that are keyed by a float, used for priority queue
src/heap.h [code]Struct for representing generic expandable priority queue (L_Heap)
src/imageio.h [code]Enums for supported image file formats
src/jbclass.c [code]Data extraction from a set of pages for jbig2 compression
src/jbclass.h [code]Structs for unsupervised classification of 1 bpp components from a set of pages; used for jbig2 compression
src/jpegio.c [code]Read/write jpeg format from/to file and memory
src/jpegiostub.c [code]Read/write jpeg format from/to file and memory
src/kernel.c [code]Basic operations on image kernels for convolution; special kernels
src/leptprotos.h [code]ANSII C headers for all functions in the library, automatically generated by xtractprotos
src/leptwin.c [code]Leptonica routines needed only on Microsoft Windows
src/leptwin.h [code]ANSII C headers for Leptonica routines needed only on Microsoft Windows
src/libversions.c [code]Returns string with image library versions
src/list.c [code]Implements doubly-linked list of generic pointers
src/list.h [code]Struct for generic double-linked list; macros for list traversal
src/maze.c [code]A game with a pedagogical slant: generate and search binary and grayscale mazes
src/morph.c [code]Binary morphological operations (dilate, erode, hit-miss, open, close)
src/morph.h [code]Structs for image morphology (Sel, Sela) and convolution (Kernel), with enum flags
src/morphapp.c [code]Composite morph ops: component-wise, union/isect, tophat, gradient, granulometry
src/morphdwa.c [code]Binary morphological (dwa) operations
src/morphseq.c [code]Interpreter for morphological operations, including binary expansion and reduction
src/numabasic.c [code]Basic operations for float/int arrays (Numa, Numaa, Numa2d, NumaHash)
src/numafunc1.c [code]Arithmetic, data extraction, interpolation, sorting on numas
src/numafunc2.c [code]Shift, scale, convolve, histograms, rank statistics, splitting distributions, extrema finding, threshold crossing, frequency analysis
src/pageseg.c [code]Top-level page segmentation, halftone region extraction, textline extraction
src/paintcmap.c [code]Paint onto colormap images - regions, masks
src/parseprotos.c [code]Parse output of cpp to generate ANSII C function prototypes from a file of C functions
src/partition.c [code]Bruel algorithm for extracting large whitespace boxes from a binary image: classification and location of connected components (characters or words)
src/pdfio.c [code]Read/write pdf format from/to file and memory
src/pdfiostub.c [code]Read/write pdf format from/to file and memory
src/pix.h [code]Basic file defining image and image-related structs (Pix, PixColormap, Pixa, Pixaa, Box, Boxa, Boxaa, Pta, Ptaa, Pixacc, PixTiling, FPix, DPix, PixComp, PixaComp), along with enums for many operations
src/pix1.c [code]Implements Pix (image) class - the fundamental one for this library
src/pix2.c [code]Pixel poking of image, pad and border pixels
src/pix3.c [code]Masking and logical ops, counting, mirrored tiling
src/pix4.c [code]Histograms, fg/bg estimation, rectangle extraction
src/pix5.c [code]Property measurement of 1bbp images, rectangular region extraction, property measurement along lines, cropping to foreground
src/pixabasic.c [code]Implements Pixa (array of Pix) and Pixaa (2d array of Pix) class
src/pixacc.c [code]Simple interface for grayscale image arithmetic
src/pixafunc1.c [code]Binary Pixa (array of Pix) filtering, sorting, clipping. See conncomp.c
src/pixafunc2.c [code]Render a Pixa or Pixaa in a Pix
src/pixalloc.c [code]Custom memory allocation for Pix memory
src/pixarith.c [code]Grayscale image arithmetic
src/pixcomp.c [code]Handles compressed pix arrays in memory
src/pixconv.c [code]Convert between images of different types without scaling
src/pixtiling.c [code]Split an image into tiles and perform operations independently on each tile
src/pngio.c [code]Read/write png format from/to file and memory
src/pngiostub.c [code]Read/write png format from/to file and memory
src/pnmio.c [code]Read/write pnm format from/to file and memory
src/pnmiostub.c [code]Read/write pnm format from/to file and memory
src/projective.c [code]4-pt projective transforms on images and coordinates, with sampling and interpolation
src/psio1.c [code]High level PostScript device driver for wrapping sets of images in PostScript
src/psio1stub.c [code]High level PostScript device driver for wrapping sets of images in PostScript
src/psio2.c [code]Lower-level PostScript device driver for wrapping images
src/psio2stub.c [code]Lower-level PostScript device driver for wrapping images
src/ptabasic.c [code]Implements 1d and 2d arrays of points (Pta, Ptaa)
src/ptafunc1.c [code]Manipulation/calculations using arrays of points
src/ptra.c [code]Implements 1d and 2d arrays of generic pointers (Ptra, Ptraa)
src/ptra.h [code]Structs for generic expandable arrays (L_Ptra, L_Ptraa)
src/quadtree.c [code]Quadtree creation and statistics
src/queue.c [code]Implements queue of generic pointers
src/queue.h [code]Struct for generic expandable queue (L_Queue)
src/rank.c [code]Rank order filters (generalization of min/median/max filters)
src/readbarcode.c [code]Early beta code for locating and identifying line widths in 1d barcodes
src/readbarcode.h [code]Enums and consts for reading 1d barcodes
src/readfile.c [code]Pix from memory and disk; detecting format
src/regutils.c [code]Regression test utilities
src/regutils.h [code]Regression test parameter packer
src/rop.c [code]General rasterops. "pixRasterop() is your friend; it is worth memorizing!"
src/ropiplow.c [code]Low-level implementation of in-place rasterops
src/roplow.c [code]Low-level general rasterop implementation
src/rotate.c [code]Top-level image rotation by interpolation and sampling
src/rotateam.c [code]Interpolated image rotation
src/rotateamlow.c [code]Low-level helpers for interpolated rotation
src/rotateorth.c [code]Orthogonal image rotation and flips
src/rotateorthlow.c [code]Low-level helpers for orthogonal rotation
src/rotateshear.c [code]Image rotation by shear
src/runlength.c [code]Run-length-encoding, horizontal and vertical run membership
src/sarray.c [code]Impements an array of C strings, and useful utilities based on it
src/scale.c [code]Image up- and down-scaling, by linear interpolation, area mapping, and sampling; scaling from binary to gray; mipmap scaling; upscaling with thresholding; downscaling with min, max and rank value
src/scalelow.c [code]Low-level implementation of scaling functions
src/seedfill.c [code]Binary and gray seedfill; distance functions; voronoi-like seed spreading; local extrema
src/seedfilllow.c [code]Low-level implementation of binary and gray seedfill
src/sel1.c [code]Implements Sel (morph structuring element) and Sela (array of sel)
src/sel2.c [code]Contains definitions of simple structuring elements
src/selgen.c [code]Generate hit-miss Sels for doing a loose match to a small bitmap
src/shear.c [code]Image shear about arbitrary lines and special points
src/skew.c [code]Find and remove text page skew
src/spixio.c [code]Fast pix serialization to/from file
src/stack.c [code]Implements a stack of generic pointers
src/stack.h [code]Struct for generic expandable stack (L_Stack)
src/sudoku.c [code]Solve a sudoku by brute force search
src/sudoku.h [code]Sudoku related structures
src/textops.c [code]Simple utility to put text on images
src/tiffio.c [code]Read/write tiff format from/to file and memory
src/tiffiostub.c [code]Read/write tiff format from/to file and memory
src/utils.c [code]Error, warning and info macros; safe string ops; file <-> memory ops; byte-swapping, file naming and timing ops
src/viewfiles.c [code]Generates html for viewing a directory of images
src/warper.c [code]Simple captcha generator based on random warping
src/watershed.c [code]Find watershed basins from specified seeds in grayscale image
src/watershed.h [code]Struct for generating watershed information from a grayscale image
src/webpio.c [code]Read/write webp format from/to file
src/webpiostub.c [code]Read/write webp format from/to file
src/writefile.c [code]Pix to memory and disk; selecting format
src/xtractprotos.c [code]
src/zlibmem.c [code]Compresses and decompresses a byte array from one memory buffer to another
src/zlibmemstub.c [code]Zlib operations in memory, using bbuffer
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